1. Organization
  By appointment of the Federation Aeronautique International (FAI). This event is organized by Nantou Paragliding Association of Chinese Taipei Aerosports Federation Paragliding committee (NAC).

No. 100-1 Lane 433, section 1 Zhounshan road, Puli Township, Nantou County 545, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 
2. Event Date: 5th ~ 6th Oct. 2013, Two (2) days
Practice Date: 1st ~ 4th Oct. 2013, Four (4) days
  Retrieval service will be provided from Oct. 1 to Oct. 6, 2013.
3. Event Location

Puli, Hu-Toushan in Nantou county of Taiwan (虎頭山)
Competition registration is at Takeoff/ Head Quarter site; Hu-Xiao Villa (虎嘯山莊) which is 3 KM from Puli town. Puli town is located at the geographic center of Taiwan.
Takeoff: Hu-Xiao Villa(虎嘯山莊)   23°57'49.90"N 120°59'21.94"E (Appendix 1)

Landing Zone: Center landing field  23°57'58.76"N 120°58'55.80"E (Appendix 1)
4. How to arrive:
  Fly into TaiwanTaoyuanInternationalAirport (TPE)
a. Take train or busfrom airport (TPE) to Taichung city (Train/Bus station). At Taichung trains station take bus to Puli town.

b. Take bus from airport (TPE) to Taiwan High Speed Railway Taoyuan Station. From Taoyuan High Speed Railway Station to Taichung High Speed Railway Station then take bus to Puli town.

c. By Car: Take Highway #3to Highway #6 toward Puli (east). At the last exit of Hway #6, right turn on to Zhounshan road (Rote14).  Left turn up to the hill at geographical center monument. Hu-Xiao Villa (虎嘯山莊) is 2.5km on top of the Hu-Tou Shan. (Appendix 2)
5. Participation
  Individual pilot / Team
6. Competition Task style:Cross country / Accuracy
  Category A:Cross country (FAI sanctioned cat. 2 event)
CategoryB:Accuracy Landing (FAI sanctioned cat. 2 event)
7. Competition rules:
  Event will be conduct according to (FAI) CIVL rule, 2013 section 7B for cross country www.fai.org/downloads/civl/SC_7B_2013& 7C for accuracy and General section www.fai.org/downloads/civl/SC_7C_2013, flight log verification by FS http://fs.fai.org/. Local regulation not conflicting with the (FAI) CIVL regulations will be applied and explain to the pilots before the opening of tasks.

Juries & Judge will be appointed by Chinese Taipei Aerosports Federation, Paragliding committee.
8. Qualification for entry:
  International pilot: Paragliding wing must be certified or rated EN-D (include) or lower.All pilots must consider skill and ability to enter for cross country and Accuracy competition.
All international pilots should carry pilot proficiency documents (IPPI card - Appendix 3) to proof their skill level. The required skill level for both XC and Accuracy are P2 and above.

Domestic pilot:Paragliding wing must be certified or rated EN-D (include) or lower.Competition scores will be recorded for pilots withFAI pilot proficiency documents (IPPI card - Appendix 3).
For both Cross country and Accuracy competitions:
a). Pilots must be certified with P2 and above by Chinese Taipei Aerosports Federation Paragliding committee (NAC) or local paragliding association committee.
b). Please doregistration by NAC or Taiwan local branch paragliding association. (individual registration is not accepted).       
※ All international or domestic pilots or teams to register any competition must consider the pilots’ skill level. Base on the pilots ability to register into suitable competition events.
9. Registration:
  International and Domestic Register deadline is before Friday, Sept. 13, 2013
International (English): Shiann Chia 賈憲安(老三)
e-mail: shiann@yahoo.com
mobile phone: 886 (921) 499-312
Fax: 886-49-299-6165
Domestic (Chinese): 黃朝顯(大同)
e-mail: sam44076@gmail.com
mobile phone: 886 (933) 437-871
Please email following information by EXCEL file to register;
A. Nationality and team name: B. Team leader’s name C. Telephone#:
a. Pilot’s Name (same as passport): b. Date of birth: c. Passport Number: d. Blood type:
e. Telephone #: f. Height(cm): g. Weight(Kg) h. Cross country or Accuracy i. CIVL ID number
j. Email address k. ID picture
  Entry fee is $100 USD.
For international pilots who come to Taiwan for this competition, please send in above information plus a copy of your airline tickets or the wired fee receipt as proof of your coming. We will then reserve your registration. Entry fee must be paid on or before 1st of Oct. 2013. A full refund can be given on notification before 1st of Oct, 2013.
Partial refund after deduction of insurance fee will be awarded only before the competition date.
Wiring instruction is as below.

FULL NAME OF OUR BANE:Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.
North Taichung Branch
Registration info and copy of airline ticket or wiring receipt can be email or fax to us.
e-mail: shiann@yahoo.com

Entry fee covers the cost of:
a). Transport of pilots and gliders between Landing Zone and Launch from Oct. 1 ~ Oct. 6, 2013.
b). Water and Lunch package (or meal) for competition days
c). Event T-Shirt
d). Access to Oct. 5th evening “pilots’ Night”
e). Access to championship “Ceremony event”
f). 3rd party and medical Insurance coverage
11. Insurance
  Organization will provides3rd party insurance and accidental medical insurance coverage for competition pilots. Insurance amount for accident/medical is $150,000 USD/$10,000 USD (with $50 USD co-pay).
12. Prize
A. Cross country: Place Prize Prize money
  1. Individual category: First One medal TWD $10,000.
    Second One medal TWD $8,000.
    Third One medal TWD $6,000.
    Fourth One medal TWD $4,000.
    Fifth One medal TWD $2,000.
  2. Team category: First One Trophy  
    Second One Trophy  
    Third One Trophy  
B. Accuracy Landing: Place Prize Prize money
  1. Individual category: First One medal TWD $6,000.
    Second One medal TWD $5,000.
    Third One medal TWD $4,000.
    Fourth One medal TWD $3,000.
    Fifth One medal TWD $2,000.
  2. Team category: First One Trophy  
    Second One Trophy  
    Third One Trophy  
13. General information:
  Equipment: Competitors bring their own radio and equipment.
Food: Organizer will provide lunch and water during the event days.
Transportation: Pilots should arrange their own transportation from hotel to event HQ location. 
Organizer will provides transportation for competitor from landing to takeoff during Oct. 1 ~ Oct. 6, 2013.
General frequency channel: 150.690,
Emergency frequency channel:145.000.
Pilots are encouraged to rent local cell phones for retrieval in case landed outside of radio range or for emergency use.
14. Safety rules:
  (1). Pilot must wear helmet and carries reserve parachute during flight.
(2). Paragliding equipment should not change during the competition. Equipment changes can only be allowed if it is damaged and not usable and has to be permit by the jury committee and announced publicly.
(3) Pilots must obey air traffic and other safety rules as indicate in FAI sporting code and General regulation.
(4). The Emergency radio channel is used only for emergency matters.
(5). Dangerous behaviors are not allowed. Event director could disqualify any pilots engage with dangerous actives.Pilot and his entire team could be disqualified or expelled if pilot was proof to fly into clouds. 
(6). All decision is consider final after the event director and Jury panel has made judgment.
(7). All competition regulation follow FAI CIVL sporting code 2013 version.
15. Appendix Download: Appendix 1